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Oregon HB 2387 Update:

The first hearing for Oregon HB 2837 was last Friday,March 3rd. The hearing was standing room only, the authors of the bill were on the committee we were testifying before, so we were in their house, and playing by their rules. The hearing was as expected, many people, not much time. Rep. Greenlick, the Committee Chair proposed a workgroup on the bill wth a date to be announced. 

I'll post a link to the video once it get posted. You can view the materials, testimony and witness registration list here

Our concern with HB 2837 is ensuring the continued access to affordable medication for patients. The uncertainty of federal patient protections and history of health care discrimination by insurers are why we are opposed to this bill. Health insurance companies are promising that any savings that might come form drug manufacturer rebates will result in lower costs for us, yet there is no language in the bill stipulating this!

I want to say that regardless of which side we align with on this bill, the Committee Members are incredible people and public servants, dedicated to finding solutions to our difficult and complex health care cost and access issues. Good people can disagree, and by working together we can create good policy. 

This is our democracy at work.

I will keep watching this bill and sharing your comments with legislators. Again thank you all for your comments and your help.