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One in Four Chronic Health is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization registered as a charity in Oregon.

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One in Four Chronic Health 

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Chronic health conditions impact more than half of all Oregon residents, but we all feel the pain.

A voice for patients.

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Infographic: The impact of Chronic Health Conditions in Oregon.

One in Four Chronic Health is Oregon's chronic disease/health coalition. We are a patient centered advocacy and policy organization working to ensure affordable medication and treatment access for people living with chronic health conditions. 

​Our name reflects the prevalence of chronic health conditions in America. When we launched in 2013, one in four people were living with a chronic condition.

We need to send President Trump and Speaker Ryan the message that American Health Care Act (ACAH) is not an option for millions of Americans living with chronic health conditions, people on Medicaid and seniors. 

We need you to contact your  representatives in Washington and tell them how you feel about the proposed law. 

  • Ask them about the #AgeTax, and why you should have to pay  five-times more ($3,000) more a year for insurance.
  • Ask what the bill will cost, and why they are not waiting for the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score and review before they hold hearings.
  • ​Ask what happens to people with pre-existing health conditions.
  • Ask why only the wealthy and insurance companies are the winners with the bill.

Call 866-426-2631 and remind the President to keep his promise to the American people. 

Thanks to our partners; Project Inform and the Caring Ambassadors Program for their help in getting this message out.

The first hearing for Oregon HB 2837 was Friday,March 3rd. The hearing was standing room only, the authors of the bill were on the committee we were testifying before, so we were in their house, and playing by their rules. Continue reading.
As of this morning more than 2,000 people sign our petition!
Take a minute today and sign our petition to Speaker Kotek and House Leadership. Help us stop this mandate to insurance corporations and demand real solutions to address health care costs that won't cost patients their prescriptions! Go here to sign.